Sinus elevation

What is sinus elevation

Sinus elevation, otherwise known as sinus lift surgery is a common bone grafting procedure performed on patients with a lack of bone quantity or quality in the upper jaw. Bone quality and quantity is vital for successful dental implant surgery.

The maxillary sinuses are air-filled spaces that sit behind the cheeks and on the top of the upper jaw. When the large molars at the back of the mouth are removed, often only a very thin membrane separating the sinuses and the mouth, remains. In cases of significant bone loss, the wall is too thin to hold a dental implant in place and requires new bone to be grafted into the area.

Sinus elevation surgery aims to raise the sinus floor, allowing for new bone to be placed into the sinus floor, above the ridge of the gum line. This augmentation allows for dental implants to be placed into the new bone.

What is the sinus elevation procedure

Several techniques can be used to lift the sinus floor. Commonly, the procedure can begin with an incision made to reveal the jaw bone. A small opening is cut into the bone and the membrane lining the sinus is pushed upwards into the sinus cavity. The space underneath is then fitted with bone graft material (either actual bone or synthetic bone) and the incision is stitched together to begin the healing process.

Several months after surgery, the bone integrates into the jaw, ready for the dental implants to be placed into the new bone growth.

Depending on the quantity and quality of upper jaw bone, the sinus lift and dental implants may be placed in a single procedure.

Learn more about sinus lift/augmentation by downloading our service flyer here.

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