Exposure and bonding of impacted teeth

When teeth lack enough space to grow they can begin to grow in the wrong direction, causing what's known as 'impacted' teeth. Impacted teeth most commonly occur in wisdom teeth and secondarily, the maxillary canine teeth.

Surgical treatments can help to bring an impacted tooth into a natural position. The type of treatment used will depend on degree of impaction and the position within the jawbone.

Exposure involves lifting the gum to reveal the impacted tooth underneath. After the tooth is exposed, the oral surgeon will bond an orthodontic bracket to the tooth. This bracket is attached by a chain that runs back to the orthodontic arch wire, encouraging the tooth into position.

Within the first or second week post-surgery, a rubber-band may be attached to the chain, creating a light pulling force on the tooth.

The careful process of exposure and bonding to move the tooth back into its proper position begins. The oral surgeon will work with the patient through the treatment plan, make adjustments as necessary.

The team at PM Oral Surgery are experienced in even the most complex cases of impacted teeth, ensuring the patient is informed throughout the treatment plan.

To find out more about the treatment of impacted teeth, contact PM Oral Surgery on 9745 4066 or email us.

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